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Summer Savory / Satureja Hortensis

Summer Savory is an annual plant belonging to the to the Lamiaceae family. Summer Savory is one of the ingredient used in the production of Za’atar and is famous for its typical taste. Summer Savory is used to season food difficult to digest such as dry beans. The herb renders root vegetables, such as celery and kohlrabi, a refined taste. Summer Savory leaves and stem are used for seasoning meat dishes, salads, soups, poultry, eggs, pickled food and canned meat. In ancient times, Summer Savory was used as a combustible material and as a culinary herb grown in home gardens. In popular medicine, Summer Savory was used as a remedy for heart diseases. Rambam, a Jewish philosopher and astronomer, recommended seasoning food with Summer Savory because of its digestive properties. In the first century CE, Greek medicine made use of Summer Savory as dressings to treat cancerous growths. Today, Summer Savory is used as a culinary herb for strengthening the body and as a remedy for respiratory diseases, cough, mucus built-up and asthma.

Herbs Value

Nutritional value For every 100 grams
Rosmarinic Acid 0.5%
Contains Omega 3 fatty acid

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