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Thyme / Thymus Culgaris

Thyme is a Mediterranean perennial herb belonging to the Lamiaceae family. Thyme is a rich source of Iron and is vastly used in cookery, despite its strong flavor, which usually does not cover or alters the flavor of other spices and herbs. For this very reason, Thyme is used in the production of the French herb blend ‘Herbes de Provence’. Thyme contains Salicylates herbal components that act like aspirin. In popular medicine, Thyme is used for the treatment of various respiratory diseases. Thyme is also used as a natural disinfectant and cold relief medicine. It is recognized for regulating digestion, relieving asthma patients, alleviating headaches and upset stomach, and as a natural soothing agent for the nervous system.

Herbs Value

Nutritional value For every 100 grams
Rosmarinic Acid 0.6%
Essential Oil 1.7%
Contains Omega 3 fatty acid

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