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Lemon Grass / Cymbopogon Citratus Stapf

Lemon Grass is a perennial plant belonging to the Poaceae family. Lemon Grass has a unique lemony aroma. Lemon Grass is a culinary herb very common in Asian kitchens (Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and more.) as well as in Caribbean cuisine. Its succulent stem is used in soups recipes, chicken casserole, fish and vegetables. Lemon Grass leaves are used for infusions
In popular medicine, Lemon Grass is used for its medicinal properties: Lemon Grass tea is used for soothing the digestive system, for pain relief and treating sleeping disorders. Essential oils extracted from Lemon Grass contain Citral, a chemical component recognized for its anti-cancerous properties, which renders Lemon Grass its citrus taste. Some even believe massaging with these essential oils contributes to strengthening muscles and relieving nervous aches.

Herbs Value

Nutritional value For every 100 grams
Rosmarinic Acid 0.15%
Essential Oil 5%

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