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Rosemary is a perennial plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family. Rosemary stems are used for seasoning various stews and casseroles– soups, cooked vegetables, salads, poultry and meat dishes. In the French cuisine, Rosemary is one of the ingredient used in the herb blend ‘Herbes de Provence’.
Rosemary is widely used in popular medicine. Among its various applications, Rosemary is used as an antiseptic, for relieving cold symptoms, for the treatment of headaches, upset stomach and coughing. Rosemary is also used to facilitate digestion, as a natural relaxing agent of the nervous system, as a muscles and hair strengthener and as a natural delaying agent to baldness.
The essential oil extracted from Rosemary is widely used in the cosmetics and drug industry. Rosemary oil extract is used as an ingredient in the production of soaps, deodorants and lice treatments.


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