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Sweet basil is an annual culinary herb belonging to the Lamiaceae family. Consumed fresh or as an ingredient used in pastries, stews and various sauces such as pizza or pasta, soup and salads, meat roasts and fish dishes. Sweet Basil is the most commonly used culinary herb in the Israeli and Mediterranean kitchen. Sweet Basil is most famous for being the chief ingredient of pesto sauce. Throughout centuries, popular medicine used Sweet Basil for various purposes, such as improving blood circulation and digestion. External use of Sweet Basil for medicinal purposes included red-eye relief and alleviating itching of the skin. Sweet Basil, which possesses anti-bacterial agents, was also used to treat bad breath, to prevent tooth decay, as toothpaste, as well as for the treatment of headaches and gastritis. Sweet Basil is a valuable source of anti-oxidants. In addition, Sweet Basil contains phytochemicals, which are recognized for their anti-cancerous properties. Finally, a study conducted in 1996 established that Sweet Basil helps regulate blood sugar levels in patients suffering from diabetes.


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